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Swim with Dolphins in Zanzibar Dolphin Tours

05 Jan 15 - 01:09

The Zanzibar archipelago of islands is spotted in the Indian Ocean, around 25 km off the shore of Tanzania, East Africa. Zanzibar has an abundance of activities to fulfill even the most demanding explorers from float jumps and kite surfing to dhow nightfall voyage and dolphin tours. We believe that this is one of its key benefits over other Indian Ocean Islands alongside its amicable nature and sensible valuing.


Dolphin safari of Zanzibar offers you the experience of a lifetime, an opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. The seashore of the fishing town Kizimkazi is the home of numbers of humpback and bottleneck dolphins. This village is only I hour travel from Stone Town International Airport. The dolphins of this place are officially protected by the 420 km2 Menai Bay Conservation Area, which was set up in 1997 to stop the quick exhaustion of fish stocks. The shallow coastal waters around Kizimkazi are a most loved home base for dolphins that come here for the solid food supply, to attendant their calves, socialize and rest. Many bottle-nose dolphins stay at Kizimkazi lasting through the year. There are additionally rather shyer humpback dolphins that put in an appearance here, in spite of the fact that their calendar is somewhat more flighty.

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Dolphin visit is best at a young hour in the morning, in light of the fact that toward the afternoon as the sun climbs up, ocean water has a tendency to wind up warm, therefore dolphins dives down to the ocean floor to escape warm; 5 to 7 am is the best time for this. You can do the trek later toward the afternoon however the probability to see dolphins is little that as well as at this point there may be numerous pontoons at the dolphin locales this terrify the dolphins which is bad for their sustainability. Although swimming with dolphins is an uncommon event, as with other wild creatures spotting dolphins require patience and time as they are not bound in a confine or a zoo, they are in their natural habitat.

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